Augmented Reality Set To Overhaul The Real Estate Industry

Findings released fromInternational Data Corp (IDC) have revealed that $27 billion is set to be spent on virtual reality and augmented reality during 2018. With more than 1 million iOS devices active around the world, Sotheby’s have just launched the first ever real estate augmented app which look sets to boost America’s real estate sales. The IDC study projects that the compound annual growth rate of AR and VR products will reach 72% over the next four years as ...

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USA Home Sellers Are in Line for Big Profits This Spring

Home prices in the USA went up by 7 percent in March of 2018, according to the website. This price increase represents the largest monthly gain since May of 2014. People are fighting for available homes, and this is driving up prices. According to a Trulia report, the February supply of existing properties was 3.4 months. This is the lowest level of supply ever for February. The median average cost of a home in February 2018 is over five ...

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21,000 Lung Cancer Deaths Each Year in The U.S., Due to Radon Gas

Radon is a chemical element with symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as a decay product of radium, according to Wikipedia.

The recommended safe level for radon gas indoors is 4.0 picocuries per liter. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that those that have extended exposure to a 4.0 pCi/L level of radon has a 7 in 1,000 chance of death, due to lung cancer.

“Wilson, the owner of the home inspection ...

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Commercial Real Estate Sales and Prices Are Surging, Prompting Concerns About Possible Bubble, According to The WSJ

The Green Street Commercial Property Price Index hit 118 in July, this leading indicator of commercial real estate prices, has been on a steady increase since its low in 2009.

“The value of U.S. commercial real-estate transactions in the first half of 2015 jumped 36% from a year earlier to $225.1 billion, ahead of the pace set in 2006, according to Real Capital.” As published in the Wall Street Journal.

Private equity real estate fundraising has already exceeded $73 billion and ...

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California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing Files Lawsuit Due to Allegations of Prospective Tenant Being Discriminated Against For The Possession of Two Emotional Support Animals

“An emotional support animal (ESA) is a companion animal which provides therapeutic benefit, such as alleviating or mitigating some symptoms of the disability, to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability.” According to Wikipedia.

According to the lawsuit that was filed on July 14th in Orange County Superior Court, a woman and her boyfriend were told they could move in with their dogs without paying a pet deposit. This changed when the apartment manager requested documentation on the tasks ...

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Real Estate Landscape is Slowly Shifting Due to Baby Boomers, According to The Counselors of Real Estate.

Demographic shifts are under way as baby boomers downsize to smaller homes, senior communities and assisted living facilities, according to The Counselors of Real Estate which is a group of 1,000 handpicked individuals, who are considered experts in Real Estate.

Low interest rates are playing a part in this shift, as seniors view this as a great time to downsize, taking advantage of low rates. These lower interest rates are helping the baby boomers sell as well as finance the home ...

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Investing in Italy Luxury Real Estate

Italy is known for its lush countryside, green fields and gently sloping hills, blue skies, and beautiful inlets. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. With its rich cultural and artistic heritage and a pleasant climate, Italy has been a preferred location for construction of luxury real estate.


For those looking to invest in luxury real estate, Italy is thus the best choice. The options are plenty when it comes to location. From Florence, Rome, Venice, ...

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Sell Your Home Fast: Nail the Price and Get Sufficient Exposure

The nuts and bolts of selling a home are actually quite simple. You may be stressed to the limit at the thought of putting your home on the market but success is just around the corner if you focus on two straightforward steps.

  1. Set the Right Price
  2. Get your home shown to Qualified Buyers

The correct price and adequate exposure. That’s it. That’s all you need to sell a house.

Let’s put it this ...

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Scrambling to Refi Before Rates Go Up? Your Appraisal May Be a Key Factor.

Mortgage rates are threatening to rise above historic lows – especially
with the Fed’s announcement Wednesday that it may no longer be “patient”
with a rate hike – so many homeowners will be scrambling to refinance
this spring. If you’re one of those folks, it is important to realize
that whether or not it will work to your advantage depends, in part, on whether
your home will appraise. In many areas of the US real estate prices are not
back ...

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The 6 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Florida Keys Vacation Home

It’s very common for northerners who fall in love with the Florida Keys to buy a second home here where they eventually plan to retire. Many put their homes on the market as vacation rentals; others keep them exclusively for their own vacation use. Regardless of your plan there are some basic things that you should know as you go through the process of purchasing your vacation home.

Price Range

Goes without saying that the first step is know what you can ...

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