Mobile Gaming Revenue in The U.S. Expected to Increase to 3.31 billion in 2016

The fastest growing segment in the gaming industry is the mobile gaming platform.  In 2010, the revenue for just ad supported mobile games amounted to $41 million, by 2017 it is expected to increase to $655 million in the just the U.S.

Additional revenues that surround the mobile gaming industry are found at sites that offer help for those that play mobile games.  For example the popular game WordBubbles, has sites like these that offer answers and cheats for WordBubbles.

According ...

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According to Big Fish Games, 59% of Americans Play Online Games

Over 150 Americans play online games, ranging across a variety of age, gender and socioeconomic statuses. Many might guess that this 150 million gamers are made up of those under the age of 18. Surprisingly only 29% of the 150 million are under 18, with the average age of 31. More gamers are over the age of 50 than under the age of 18.

Online games are as diverse as those that play them, some of the top games are Escape ...

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