Stem Cell Banking Cost & Discounts

Insurance gives a sense of security and so is the case with Cord Cell Banking of your child. Freezing stem cells of your child provide a kind of life insurance that is beneficial to your child, his sibling, parents and grandparents. Research in any field has taken a successful path with time. You shall never regret your decision to bank your child’s stem cells.  For more info about stem cells check out this infograph.

Cord blood is the blood extracted from the umbilical cord and is rich in stem cells. Immediately after the baby is born, the cord is cut to extract the stem cells. Several types of cancers and blood disorders can be cured using the umbilical cord blood.

How much Cord Cell Banking Costs on an Average

Cost is the major factor due to which many parents fail to bank the cord cells of their bundle of joy. Banking of cord cells is an expensive insurance policy but if the need arises, it can be a boon to your baby. If you can afford the cost, there is no other reason you should think of, to not save your child’s cord cells.

The average cost of cord cell banking that is quoted by the leading cord cell banks includes an upfront fee along with yearly storage charges and miscellaneous charges.

The upfront fee ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 and sometimes more than that based on the bank. The annual storage changes ranges from INR 4000 to INR 8000. This again varies with the banks and their services.

Reduce the Cost Of Cord Blood Banking

In India, under the leadership of Mr. Modi, the union budget minister Mr. P Chidambaram announced exclusion of service tax on the services related to Cord Blood Banking. Since cord blood banking is also a part of health care services, exception of service tax was hooked to cord blood banking services too.

The cord blood banks are coming up with a new idea these days. They offer a single price inclusive of all the charges and save your child’s cord blood for 21 years without any additional/annual storage charges.

In the long run, this method proves to be little less expensive than the traditional method. However, for parents who cannot afford to pay in one payment, the tradition method sounds reliable and feasible.

United States of America, the rules are quite different

For parents who want to freeze the stem cells of their baby, has a ‘Just in case’ option which can work in their favor. If their child or any of the immediate family members are suffering from cancer or any kind of blood disorder, they shall be at an advantage of this service without paying tax.

Questions to ask

  1. Check if the cost is inclusive of the medical courier charges or is it an addition amount you need to pay when the need arise.
  2. Most of the banks tend to reduce their cost if you are ready to pay storage charges for longer period of time.
  3. If you are baking the stem cells for your second child, choose the same bank as that of your first child as the banks provide additions discounts for such parents.
  4. Certain banks provide discount coupons. Make a note of them, much ahead of your delivery date.


For a child, there is nothing more you can do, than insuring his life, from the second of his birth.