5 Steps to Landing a Great Job in a Tough Job Market

With a high unemployment rate and low quality jobs available, it can be frustrating when looking for a job. You have crafted the perfect cover letter and resume but your application gets rejected. The following seven steps will be your guide to landing that great job, that maybe you didn’t even think was possible.

Don’t Put Yourself in a Position of Desperation

You might hate or even despise your job, but do not quit. You do not want to be looking for a job out of desperation of paying the bills. It will cause you to look irresponsible to perspective employers, you will become desperate in job interviews and possibly take a job that you don’t really want. If you really hate your current job then use that as motivation as you look for your new job.

The Cover Letter and Resume

Don’t be fooled into thinking that “one size fits all” each job is different and your cover letter and resume should be tailored to that job. Your qualifications and experience should reflect how you can perform at the job you are applying for. The resume should be filled with your accomplishments that demonstrates how you would perform at the position you are applying for.

Your appearance

How you look in person and on your social media accounts is now more important than ever. Social media is being checked by almost all employers these days. I think this goes without saying but look at your social media with a critical eye and imagine how an employer would look at it and judge you by the things you post. Have someone else give you their opinion about your social media.

Your professional appearance is also important, it is best to get others opinions on your appearance also. Don’t ask your friends, ask someone that already works in the profession you are attempting to get a job in.

Informational Interviews

Networking is one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools when looking for a job. One of the best ways to network is to invite a contact or professional that is already in the industry that you want to work in, out to lunch. Have a list of questions about what they do and how you can be more prepared for that type of job. At the end of the meeting ask them for additional contacts that may be able to hire you or recommend someone that could. Keep in contact with these contacts as they may hear of job openings that are not advertised to the general public, that are within their industry.


This is a great way to get your foot in the door, if you are trying to land a job in IT then volunteer at the IT department at your kid’s school or other nonprofit organizations. This can create some great networking opportunities, build your resume and put your skills on display.


None of the above steps will land you a great job if you don’t have a positive attitude. Fill your mind with positive thoughts daily and do at least one thing every day that will move you measurably closer to landing that great job.